• Truly easy-to-use software
  • Customizable
  • Continues working, even when the Internet is down
  • Language independent: Works with 50 different languages
  • Bio-metric patient identification (fingerprint)
  • Works for a staff of one or many
  • Secure
  • Created in developing countries, for use in developing countries

My name is Billy Kerson Hercule, I work at Love A Child clinic, located in Fond Parisien, Haiti. I am responsible for the patients' admission.

Before we were using paperwork and it was quite difficult to track records and working back and forth with the patients dossiers. We started using SEMR at the end of 2011, the software is a big help. It is very fast to do the admission, and also fast for the doctors to do the consultation. Every employee is enjoying using the software and it is very fast to track patients' records.

SEMR is a very nice and cool medical software that I recommend.


What we have

  • Web based application that runs at your location
  • Fingerprint scanners, used for accurate patient identification
  • Licenses for the fingerprint and data synchronization subsystems

What you need

  • Computers and a local network. One computer for each staff member
  • Internet connection, (it doesn't have to be reliable as SEMR continues working, even when the Internet is down)
  • One fast computer running Windows 64-bit. It must have at least 4Gig of memory, but more is better.
  • Reliable electricity with battery backup, or other alternative
  • A web camera for taking patient photos
  • Enable software to run well on tablets
  • Add features to the Real-time mapping and disease monitor to enhance its use for public health officials and epidemiologists
  • Develop a stand-alone tablet system for use by Community Healthcare Workers (CHCW). We will add a feature to the EMR allowing physicians to schedule visits by (CHCW). Those schedules will automatically show up on the CHCW's tablet, and vitals they capture will be available to the requesting physician.
  • Integrate a supply chain management system. We believe that in many locations, we can use this to drive down the costs of medications and medical supplies
  • Hospital Module
  • Dental Module
  • Other specialized medical modules
Evaluation and training is free

We recommend you download and install our software. There is no charge or obligation. We don't want money to be exchanged without a reasonable expectation that our system is best suited for your needs

Once you are comfortable

The costs to start using the system is 500 dollars. You will then receive a fingerprint scanner and license. Also a license for database synchronization. Both of these licenses will need to be added to the software already on your server

After the initial charge, you will be billed 30 cents for each new patient visit. However, included in the initial fee are 350 patient visits This model works much like pre-paid cell phone cards. You purchase patient visits in advance of their usage

These fees cover support and upgrade costs, so no worries

We do recommend purchasing a spare fingerprint scanner. The cost is $150, plus shipping

We've initiated a Kickstarter campaign, to raise funds for the purpose of travel to Africa to train national partners. Our partners need to be able to install and support our software in local clinics.


I want to acknowledge gratitude to the following companies for their support in this effort:

And to the following individuals:

  • John Mitchell
  • Andrew Wootton
  • Elaine Bryan
  • Jens Baudisch
  • Philip Peacock
  • Imogen Morizet
  • Harold Humphries
  • Kalina Paneva-Rumale
  • Joy Hancock
  • janice Esposito
  • Leah Garber
  • Sarah Borgquist
  • Bruce Grant
  • Mary Spencer
  • Doug & Val Schaem
  • Brian Felty
  • Scott Somerville
  • Margie
  • Andrew Field
  • Jane
  • Tom Hightower
  • Paul Bopp
  • Jon and Olga Garber
  • Carolyn
  • Jennie Wood
  • Jane Bohls
  • Kim Strickland
  • Kaj Nybom
  • Karan Willis
  • Robert N Mottice
  • David Lange
  • Chuck and Libby Barber
  • Marco Gomez
  • Shirley Tseng
  • Gary Ashton
  • Jack Farris
  • Rhea Ann Wingfield
  • Denise Dahlin Nabours
  • Chris Perry
  • San K Shipe
  • George Dixon
  • Neal Donaldson
  • Andre Fontaine
  • James & Linda Martin
  • Greg and Kyla Dixon
  • John Vinci
  • Don and Peggy Orth
  • Ntando Kubheka
  • Katherine Couvillon
  • Michael Dunlap
  • Dr. Tim Meakem
  • Gloria Ayala Bowden
  • Chuck Hurst
  • Annelle Welch
  • Brenda van Gelder
  • Geoffrey Boyes
  • William George Wilcox Jr
  • Timothy Harris
  • Rick Moore
  • Endrina Tay
  • Claudine and Curt Perry
  • Beverley Davies
  • Christina Anderson
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  • Todd Metzgar
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  • Anne Newman
  • Kumaran
  • Bev Mclean
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  • Scott King Walker
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  • Suze Jansen-Snatager
  • Thomas
  • Gregg E Harris
  • Mario Garriga
  • David Dukinfield
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